Victorian GovernmentDeadly Questions

As Victoria embarks on a path to Treaty, research has shown many Victorians feel they know little about their State’s Aboriginal heritage or Aboriginal affairs in general. But along with their lack of knowledge, Victorians also don’t feel comfortable asking questions for fear of offending or appearing ignorant.

Deadly Questions provides a platform for Victorians to get much needed answers and opens up a conversation between non-Aboriginal Victorians and the Victorian Aboriginal community at a pivotal moment in the State’s history.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Vue.js, Webpack, Html5, Sass, ES6 JavaScript, Spritz.js, GraphQL, Node.js, AWS services

I’ve been involved from the project early stages, to scope the technical approach and prototype the core interactive elements, including the background shapes and the exploration wall of cards.

During the production phase, I’ve had to coordinate and lead the development team to deliver on a secure, highly scalable, and highly available solution.

Deadly Questions is the opportunity to learn about Victoria’s Aboriginal people – their history, culture, connection to place and hopes for the future.

Technical Breakdown

The website is WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, and fully accessible for auditive, cognitive, physical or visual disabilities.

The website background is made of animated shapes that morph from pages to pages. To bring those shapes to life, a custom ES6 JavaScript library has been developed, pushing SVG’s boundaries to its limits.

In order to moderate the questions received, and allow contributors to answer them, we’ve also built a custom and secured administration interface.

The infrastructure fully rely on AWS serverless. An example of it is the API, built upon Node.js, Lambda, and GraphQL.

“Explorer.js” is the name of the ES6 JavaScript library that has been developed to create the exploration wall of cards, core of the website experience.