Maison VessiereOrdering System

Maison Vessiere is a recognized butcher and delicatessen institution established in the city of Lyon, in France, since the 80's. There is now eight Maison Vessiere shops that you can find within the historical city.

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Full-Stack Developer / UX Designer
Web Application
Cake PHP, Html5, Css3, jQuery
Maison Vessiere represents hunderds of daily orders. During many years, everything was managed on paper sheets. That means a huge workload and a larger scope of possible mistakes. We’ve been involved in order to solve a logistic problem which was the optimization of its workflow process trough a web application dedicated to its staff. Our biggest challenge has been to design an application simple enough to be used by non-tech savvy people, but also smart enough to fulfill the order process as quickly as on paper. The app runs on any tablet and it’s linked to a powerful back-office that stores all the data’s and automatically creates reports and statistics about merchandises. Detailed preparation sheets can be printed on-demand so artisans can work in a peace minded environment. The application has been a real success for our client: thousands of orders have been done with it. They have also decided to deploy it inside all their future store openings.