Hepburn Bath & SpaShop Website

Hepburn Springs is an historic Bathhouse since 1895, located in the heart of Australia’s Spa Country near Daylesford. They are offering a wide range of spa treatments from massages to body wraps to private mineral baths.

Front-End Developer / Interactions Designer
Foundation, Twig, jQuery, Sass
Html5, Css3, Javascript
ID Digital
Client biggest problem was about doing more sell conversions trough its website. In order to solve it, we’ve decided to built the new site around stories, which will help the user understanding what kind of treatments they can get with Hepburn. We’ve also implemented a lot of guidance trough the navigation in order to make the process of buying easier to achieve. By designing very smooth animations and user interactions, we’ve tried to give a relaxing and pleasant mood across the whole site. We’ve also pushed the client in order to get real pictures and really good content, helping the user to feel more reassured. Close to 50% of the users are coming trough a mobile device. So, one other big challenge was about adapting the whole website and the animations for mobile, with still providing an equivalent experience.