Taxi CathalanBrand Identity

Taxi Cathalan is a French family business of independent taxis since 2006. With the presence of new competitors in its area, the company needed a renewal of its communication.

Graphic Designer / Full-Stack Developer
Print / Website
PHP, Html5, Css3, Javascript
Bootstrap, Silex, Twig, Less
The idea behind the brand development of Taxi Cathalan came from the vibe of cartoon vintage. The goal was to create a unique and authentic design in order to give a more friendly outlook of their business, and to differentiate it from local competitors. When you choose Taxi Cathalan, you will get a really professional and intimate experience as soon as you enter the car. A simple one-page website following the same guidelines has been created in order to add a digital presence to its activity. The flyers and the branding have been a success for my client since a real positive impact was noticed on its business.