FruisyCorners Kiosk

Deliciously good. And so much simpler. Fruisy offers ready-to-eat fruits grown by local producers. Enjoy the Fruisy’s fruits, whose benefits can be traceable directly from the garden.

Lead Developer / UX Designer
Web Application
Dynamic View
Laravel PHP, Html5, Css3, jQuery
Fresh app for fresh products, Fruisy app is here to solve a business problem. Allowing people to order fresh fruits and have them delivered at home through a simple kiosk app, usable by non-tech savvy people of any ages. A custom back-end interface has been designed in order to make kiosk apps management and orders tracking really simple and intuitive. The main challenge was to build the timetable delivery system. It had to be flexible enough to deal with any unexpected business issues, likes constantly opening hours changes, public holidays… And also real time number of deliverers available.