Dynamic ViewSocial Mirror App

Touch screen web application designed for taking and sharing “selfies” in a fun way. Currently deployed in more than 30 French outlets.

Photo mode for taking selfies / Video mode for clothing stores / Share on social networks / Display on remote screen.

Team Lead / UX Designer
Web Application
Html5, Css3, JavaScript, PHP
Nowadays, people really enjoy taking selfies… So why not creating a human-sized selfie-box app allowing people to take pictures of themselves in a fun way ? That was our challenge: building an app from scratch, with the objective to deploy it in public stores. There is a big marketing output behind this app. It helps businesses with customer loyalty, social networks feed and user data collection. The app is now deployed in more than 30 outlets, and it has been shown on French TV and several newspapers. Customers can take selfies, apply filters on it, send it by email, and share them on the main social networks.